Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Guilin and Yangshuo Travel Guide

The travel Yangshuo guide provides all the required information every tourist need to use when going around the area. The guide shows you the route to the famous tourist attractions and places to buy treasures for sweet memories of this city. The art work and Karst Mountain are the most people attractions. In Yangshuo, you will be able to experience all the activities available there. This region of Yangshuo is the home of many ethic groups. Following Yangshuo travel guide, there are also many activities like hiking and swimming that one can do there.

In Yangshuo guide, you will be able to pass the Li River which is a famous river. The Yangshuo city is surrounded by this Li River. To get to this Yangshuo, you will have to use either a bus or a boat. Many tourists prefer this city because there are many exiting things to see and to do. Some of the things that you can do are such as; fishing, swimming in shallow water and many more. You will be able to see villagers drying their produce as well ass buffalos taking the midday bathing. The Karst Mountain is also attractive place to be. Climbing of this mountain is very easy and it takes only 30 minutes.

The caves in Guilin parks are also more attractive. At summer time it is very enjoyable while being in caves. In this caves there is cool atmosphere that cool down your body while hiking. While following Yangshuo guide, you will be able to see places where you can get delicious foods. These foods are such as noodle rice, Lipu taro looped meat, Yangshuo beer fish and many more delicious foods. All these food are very famous and everyone who gets to visit Yangshuo tastes this foods. Visit Yangshuo and experience the enjoyment found there.

Kayaking is the relaxing option and paddle yourself down to Li River. Or, for the longer tour, paddle all a way to Puyi. The life-jackets are given, all along with the transportation to and from the Yangshuo. The groups of six and more people might travel with the guide without any extra charge.

Bamboo Rafting
The bamboo rafting is the most famous activities of Yangshuo. Just lean back & relax in the comfortable chair at the bamboo raft and floating slowly down peaceful & clean waters at Yulong River. They will arrange the trip down to beautiful part of this river and where you can see the farmers working in the picturesque rice paddies, cows and water buffaloes, and reflection of mountains in this clear water. The life jackets are given.


Cycling is the convenient, fun as well as healthy way of exploring Yangshuo as well as see this sights. There’re a lot of good quality of bikes for rent, which includes women's bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, and small kids bikes. Price ranges from 10RMB to 30RMB for a day. Suppose you wish, then helmets are given for the small group. 

Guilin travel agency

In Guilin, there are 21 registered Guilin travel agencies that are licensed by China National Tourism administration to offer travel services to tourists. Some of these agencies are such as; Guilin Taiyuan International travel service (GLTYTS), Guilin YunTong International travel service, Guilin Everyone International Travel Ltd, etc. all employees of these agencies are graduates and well trained to do it all. When you use any agencies, you can be more than sure that you will arrive to your desired destination safely. The employees are well trained and they are able to interpret the 12 foreign languages. These languages are such as; English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Thai and Korean.

Some of the Guilin travel agency does handle the travel sales and outbound tours, convention and conferences. They also sells the air tickets and train tickets. All visitors to Guilin are catered well and with all respects by these travel agencies. When choosing for your travel agency, it is advisable to choose a reliable agency that will not offer bad services. You can use your travel guide to get the most reliable agency. You can also browse online for a travel agency by searching Guilin agency. You will get a list of reliable agencies that you can choose from. Make sure to read all services each agency offers, and then choose one that fits your needs.

If you want a private tour, you will also get the Guilin travel agency that will serve your needs. When in Guilin, make sure you do not miss any of the attractions found there. Go around the city and experience the Guilin culture and their food. You can also buy any art work to remind you of nice memories of this Guilin city. Guilin is the place to be when on tour to china.  Most significant part is to make the Luxury cruise travel totally memorable you require the travel agent who can help you to get information about the different areas, airport diagrams, maps, and time chart & currency conversion rates. Thus, it may be said these agents play very important role to organize your cruise vacation in China as they plan best possible trips for you as well as help the travelers with necessary schedules, food facilities and vacation packages. That depends on the budget you may ask the agent to plan exclusive vacation and themed one.

The travel agents are there for helping you with best accessible travel arrangements. It’s true that famous hotels, resorts as well as Luxury cruise agencies make use of travel agents for highlighting the exciting packages. The agents help to offering guidance & recommendations about many tourist locations. For the foreign trips to China, agents give some important information about the passports, visas & foreign currencies. The travel & tourism is actually developing like anything and travel agents play important role in making you organize the well planned vacation to China. Finding the best travel agent for the cruise is the tough job. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Photographic Destinations in Guilin

With its rich collection of scenic verdant hills, majestic mountains, limestone peaks, deep caves, flowing rivers, lush green landscapes, ancient villages and exotic countryside, you can rightly say that Guilin China is one of the best destinations in the world. The people living in this beautiful city are friendly, helpful and proud of its rich cultural heritage. If photography is your passion and you love to travel to new destinations, then a trip to Guilin would be one of the most eventful tours of your life. Have a look at some of the most influential photographic destinations in Guilin.

A cruise along the Li River will be perfect because you can watch the scenic landscapes as they pass by and snap photos at the same time. The Elephant Trunk Hill is another favorite location for photography enthusiasts.  When you look from afar, you will be able to gauge why this hill is called so - it gives the perfect impression of a huge elephant dipping its trunk in the river.

You must include some of the villages too for your Guilin travel, because the pulse of the city lies there. With its various quirks and peculiarities, the villages in Guilin will give you several exciting subjects to photograph.

Yangshuo is a picturesque county located right in the heart of Guilin city, and a visit to this place will give you an idea of the diverse cultures, and the various ethnic groups the city is famous for. The minority ethnic groups residing in the city are Yao, Hui, and Zhuang.  It is also a good place to photograph because the people's dresses, the food they eat and the way they maintain their county are so different from others. The people are extremely friendly and helpful and will only be happy to pose for you. It would be impossible to miss this county because this is where the cruise to the Li River starts.

Xingping Town, located just 27 kilometers from Yangshuo is the largest town in Guilin and some of the photographic landmarks include Mural Hill, Snail Hill and Lotus Crag. Since this town is pregnant with several historical buildings and ruins, a visit here will give you so much information about Guangxi Province,     a province that played an important role in the history of Guilin. When you go to the west street in Yangshuo you will be able to capture some excellent shots. Bamboo rafting along the Dragon River during sunset will give you some good pictures of a stunning scenery. The famous fishing village of Xingping with its 500-year history is an interesting subject for photography enthusiasts.

Located in the northeast part of Guilin is the Longsheng County, with its 700-year history.  The natural scenery of this town is the major attraction for visitors. The sprawling rice fields, the mountain ranges, the ethnic groups that live here, the costumes they wear, the ancient buildings and ruins will definitely keep your camera busy. The rice fields built from the lowest level in the mountain slopes to an elevation of 885 meters is a major attraction. Don't forget to visit Longji Ancient Village (located just 2 hours away) as it offers exquisite views of rice fields and mountain ranges.

An evening in Guilin would give you ample opportunities to photograph some great things.  You will see that the beauty of downtown Guilin is beyond description when you see the views around Banyan Lake, the Southern Ancient Gate and the Fir Lake. Photographers love to take pictures of the sunset and sunrise at Karst mountain ranges.  A tourist guide would point out the exact locations to shoot so all you have to do is concentrate on the camera angles and framing.